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As a little treat, I’m putting my entire General’s series (The Sangrian Tiger’s Tale) up for sale for the next week. Starting on Monday, December 21, each of the first three books will be just 99 cents. You can find them on Amazon.

The General’s Guardian: A Sangrian Tiger’s Tale: Book I  

The General’s Choice: A Sangrian Tiger’s Tale: Book II

The Guardian’s Ground Rules: A Sangrian Tiger’s Tale: Book III 

As another special treat, I’m going to give you a little snippet from Book IV. I’m still working on this book, but here is a bit from the begining :).

The General’s Challenge: The Sangrian Tiger’s Tale, Book IV


“What,” Keridwen snapped before Silver could get any more out.  “Can’t you see I’m busy?”

Silver frowned, not liking Keridwen comment at all.  They’d had a busy day, but that didn’t excuse Keridwen being curt with her. The camp had been cleaned out, with the bulk of the troops being sent back with the twins and the mothers to Fort Hawk. The rest had moved into more secure quarters at the inn.  Keridwen, Silver, and Kaileigh had taken rooms, while Keridwen’s men filled in the rest, including a few tents on the immediate grounds. Keridwen also sent out multiple messages; to Fort Lion, Keridwen’s men who had already left for Fort Lion, Fort Hawk, and along the path that would eventually reach the Capital.

It had taken quite a bit of talking on Silver’s part to keep Keridwen in town and not follow her men to Fort Lion. The ransom note was rather cryptic and made demands that weren’t possible.  Keridwen wasn’t going to leave without her niece, and although she’d pulled the troops back, she wasn’t going to leave Silver or herself vulnerable either. After a bit of back and forth, Keridwen had reluctantly agreed that banging on Arther’s door personally probably wouldn’t be the best thing for their niece.  Staying in town was a compromise, one that Silver hoped didn’t backfire.

Instead, they’d settled in and decided it was best to wait for more information.  There would have to be a second contact and Keridwen was hoping that showing that she’d was willing to compromise would be enough.  Currently, she was studying a map that was spread out across the table, and she was clearly irritated.

Silver frowned. She could understand Keridwen’s worry.  She was also terrified that something would happen to their niece, but until they had more information, they simply couldn’t act.  Keridwen, however, wasn’t doing either of them a favor by neglecting herself. 

Even before Little Keridwen had gone missing, Silver had been told that the General had not been eating or sleeping.  She had hoped that the chat they’d had before the fire would have made Keridwen more willing, but then she could hardly blame her either.  Even though they’d talked about it, Keridwen hadn’t been the only one neglecting herself.  Silver hadn’t been doing much better.  Now that they were back together, she was going to try harder.  She was also was going to make sure Keridwen was a least making the barest effort to keep herself healthy.

With that thought in mind, Silver put a hand on Keridwen’s shoulder, forcing her to look up from the map.  “I want you to take a break and eat,” she ordered simply.

“Silver,” Keridwen responded, her tone clearly a whine.  “I’m trying to think here.”

Silver raised an eyebrow, which only seemed to make Keridwen pout.  The General was tired, and her actions were doing nothing but advertising it.  “Come over to the bed, Keridwen. Sit with me and eat.  We can talk. Maybe we can brainstorm this a bit.”

“With all due respect, that’s all I’ve been doing since we got that blasted note.  There is something about it that just doesn’t add up, and I can’t figure it out.  I’m missing something.”

“Then let’s talk about it.  Maybe we can figure it out together.”

Keridwen set her jaw, but after a moment, finally snapped, “Fine.”

Silver set her own jaw and in one swift motion, gave the General a swat with her palm across her backside.

“Hey!” Keridwen immediately protested.  Her own hand went to her bottom as she strategically turned away from Silver.  “What was that for?”

“Where do I start?” Silver countered.  “Sit. Eat.  And drop the attitude.”

Keridwen’s lip actually tucked into a pout, but she wisely didn’t argue as she scooted past Silver and took a seat on the bed.  Silver joined her and after a long minute, Keridwen looked up and met Silver’s eyes.  “I’m sorry,” she said.  “This whole mess.  It’s too much.”

Silver reached across the bed and hugged Keridwen.  “It’s going to be okay, honey.  I know, I worried about her too, but they wouldn’t dare hurt her.  It’s only a stalling tactic to gain some sort of advantage.  Arther is probably going to make a run for the border.”

Keridwen slowly shook her head.  “I should have gone with them.”

“I know it feels like we are doing nothing but think about it — the biggest way we can put Little Keridwen in danger is to pressure them.  We have to step back, for her sake.”

Keridwen again shook her head but let out a long sigh.  When she again met Silver’s eyes, they were glazed over with tears.  “How can I ever face my sister again if something happens to my niece.  I’m such a failure.  I feel helpless and trapped.  How could this even happen?”

Silver shifted again and pulled Keridwen closer. She could feel her own eyes begin to sting with tears.  “It’s my fault.  I should have taken her back.  I let my own worry about you and the twins overshadow my senses.  I should have just turned around and brought her straight back to the castle.”

“No, you did the right thing.  You had to take the chance for our girls.  Who knows how long they could have evaded those imposters?  It is I that should have had my men guarding them.  I should have had more patrols.  That fire should have never happened.”

“A lot shouldn’t have happened, Keridwen, but we can’t change the past.  We can only move forward.”

“Even if Little Keridwen pays the price?”

Silver frowned.  “We won’t let that happen.”

“Silver, we have no control.”

Silver fingered the locket around her neck.  “I’m tired of having no control.  We’re going to take it back.”


“We are going to start by eating dinner and getting a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow is a new day, and we are going to face it together.”

A Tail of Two Wolves, Part II

This is the 2nd and last part of this SHORT story. If you’d like to read the 1st, it can be found here.

A Tale of Two Wolves, Part II

“Hey now,” I warned as I finally moved my hand to her right cheek.  “You know better than that.  You also know we are far from done.”  I then proceeded to light up her right cheek, focusing only on it until she squealed in protest. 

Pulling back, I kneaded again, giving her a moment to settle and refocus.  A good thirty seconds passed, maybe a full minute before I raised my hand again.


I tried to catch my breath when I felt Wolfie’s hand leave my bottom again. That wasn’t good. I tensed slightly waiting for her hand to fall again. And fall it did. It was hard and stingy and the swats were meshing together to create a molten hot mess of my bottom. My hips squirmed every single swat that landed. The sound reverberated loudly and drowned out my noises of discomfort. Her arm tightened around me as she held me securely in place. She was trying to make a point and using my bottom for the lesson. She squeezed my fingers again in reassurance. 

“Owie, Wolf! That hurts.” I swear she smacked harder when I started to squeal in pain. I could only imagine the satisfied look on her face. 

“It’s a spanking, it’s supposed to hurt, little girl.” 

My body tingled with her quiet scolding. I could only mew as she made the swats impossibly harder and lower. She went to my thighs and started spanking there. 

“Wolfie! OW! Not my thighs! Please!!” I kicked and squirmed from the first swat. They hurt so much more. Damn it. “OW!!”

She stopped only a moment, “If you keep kicking we will be getting out the cane and I’ll bend you over the desk.” 

Her threat made me tear up. As soon as she was done talking she went back to spanking me as hard as she could with her hand focusing mainly on the thighs. 

“You are turning my favorite nice pink color,” she mused as she finally stopped and traced the underside of each cheek. 

“Wolfieeeee. It hurts,” I pleaded. And it did. Even her light rubbing touch was slightly uncomfortable. 

“Are you going to be a good girl for me or should I keep going?” she questioned while still playing with my bottom. 


I gave my naughty little wolf a pat, knowing what she was thinking.  She hadn’t near enough attention yet, but I always gave her the chance. She whined a moment, but then kicked her leg. “I’m not a girl, I’m a wolf,” she reiterated.

“I see,” I said, giving her another pat before I reached over and picked up her favorite hairbrush from the nightstand. “Then we need to step this up a bit.”

She groaned and squirmed as I rubbed the cool wood over her bottom, almost as if she was rethinking her choice, but then kicked again.  That was my cue.  I pulled back the hairbrush and let her have the first pop.  It wasn’t hard, but enough to let her know that I wasn’t playing around.  She had just asked for more, and more I was willing to give. 

I started out slowly, but methodically, as I moved from cheek to cheek in a steady and stingy rhythm.  My naughty wolf yipped in protest, but I didn’t let that deter me.  

            “You like it when I paint your bottom red with this, don’t you?”

“No,” she whined and kicked again. 

Pop pop pop, went the brush, definitely making its impression. The pinkened cheeks slowly started to deepen in color as I was making sure my point was well understood. Pop pop pop, I continued the drumming just as her toes echoed my rhythm on the bed quilt. 

“Owie,” my brat cried.  

Pop pop pop.   

“Please,” she begged.

Pop pop pop.

“Okay!  Owie!” she finally claimed, her voice rising into that tone in which I knew she was getting close to giving in. 


I clung to the bedsheets as the sting in my bottom grew to an almost unbearable level. Damn that brush. Damn my need to be smacked at 3 in the morning. She wasn’t holding back. She now was focusing on the extra sensitive area at the very bottom of my cheeks. It got harder and harder not to fight for her to stop the spanking. 

“Owie, Wolfie!” I flexed my toes and she drummed my bottom. I struggled to catch my breath just as my bottom was struggling to not roll off her lap and beg off. 

“Wolf! It hurts! Ow ow ow!” 

She didn’t respond, but did slow, only to make the swats fuller and I’m not sure how, but stingier too!. The swats seemed to send my entire body into shock and there was not a chance of just relaxing into it! She intended for me to not want or ask for anymore for a few hours at least.  Another hot swat fell and I couldn’t help the tears that leaked into out of my eyes, 

“Wolfie! I’m sorry! I’m sorry, ma’am!” I was desperate now. My bottom felt like it couldn’t get any sorer. From just below my tailbone to the top quarter of my thighs felt like 100 bees were inside my skin stinging me over and over. 

With two more pops, she stopped and sat the brush aside. I felt her hand come and begin to gently rub my hurt bottom. “Are you going to behave and sleep now, little wolf?”

 I nodded.  “Yes ma’am. Sleep and behave.” I whimpered when she pinched a cheek. 


I gave my brat a pinch and then patted the pillow next to me.  She smiled and moved to lay with her nose just inches from mine. I couldn’t help giving it a little kiss.  “Remember you said you were ready to sleep.”

Her lip tucked into a small pout but she nodded as she shoved her shorts off and kicked them across the room.  

“Can I stay?”

“Yes, if you also promise not to steal the covers.”

“I need Luna,” she mumbles, her eyes already closing. 

I let out a small sigh and sat up to retrieve her stuffed bear. it had been knocked to the floor during the ruckus. Handing her her bear, I kissed her cheek again.  “Night, honey.”

“Night, Wolfie,” she again mumbled.  “Forgive?”

“Of course I forgive you.  My girl.  My wolf.  Love you.”

“Love too,” my girl nodded and snuggled into her pillow.

With a small smile and another sigh, I settled back into my side of the bed and tucked into my own pillow.   I turned to watch her breathe.  She’s quiet now, and still.  I think she’s fallen asleep.  I watched her for several minutes, my own eyes starting to finally feel heavy again.  

“Night, little wolf,” I whisper before finally giving in.  I think we’ll both sleep well… well at least for the rest of this night. 

The End… for now. 

A Tail of Two Wolves – Part I

This is a little first-person story and my buddy Logan Tyler and I wrote together. If you’d like to read more of her work, you can find it here. Enjoy!

The Tail of Two Wolves

I sighed and stared at the ceiling of the dark hotel room. I turned onto my right side and looked across the room to see my wolf curled up quietly snoring. I kicked the blankets before flopping back onto my back as the air conditioner clicked on again. It had to be 3 am now. Wolfie had been asleep for at least four hours and I had been relegated to bed, phone-free when she went herself. She was tired and passed out fast, but I didn’t feel the same. I couldn’t resist kicking the mattress again. My body had grown accustomed to going asleep with a hot bottom the past six nights and it wasn’t happy tonight was different.

         “Ah, fer fucks sake.” I grabbed Luna by the arm and stood to sneak around to the empty side of her bed. I carefully pulled the blanket back and slid into bed careful to dodge the long brown hair feathered across the pillows. 

         I laid down on the cool sheets and wiggled as close to her as possible. I froze for a moment when she twitched watching to see if I had woken her before I whispered, “Wolfie.” I chewed my lip as she didn’t move again. I carefully poked her cheek. “Wolfie.”

         She moved her head and stopped snoring, but didn’t wake up. I growled a little. It wasn’t fair for her to be asleep when I was awake and right here!

         “Wolfie, wake up.” I poked her in the chest a little harder.


I felt myself snort as I woke up to something poking me.  I opened one eye only to discover that I was no longer alone. My little pup had decided to crawl into bed next to me. 

“What time is it?” I mumbled. “Ugh.  Why aren’t you asleep?”

         She said nothing, of course, only giving me those ‘big puppy-dog eyes.’ She was lonely and wanted me. 

         “Oh, alright,” I said as I opened my arms and my little wolf made herself comfortable using my chest as her pillow.  

         Satisfied that I might be able to close my eyes and return to my slumber, I attempted to do so, only to be interrupted by a squirm, another poke, and a whimper. 

         “Yessss?” I drew out.

         “I can’t sleep.”

         “I see.” I reached down and grabbed the nearest cheek, giving her bottom a good squeeze, “You need to try.”


         I squeezed again. “Yes?” I asked as her lip fell into a pout. “If you can behave you can stay here.  If not, you have to go back to your own bed.” The pouting lip protruded further, but I tapped her on the end of the nose.  “I mean it, little girl. I’m tired and if you keep poking your wolf, you’re going to get a reaction that you’re not going to like.”


         My bottom tingled under Wolfie’s touch as I willed myself to relax against her. I tried to silence all the other noise in the room. I focused on the sound and feel of her heartbeat under me. It was mere moments before I felt her breathing even out and the arm around me go limp. I sighed… I’ve never seen someone sleep so quickly and deeply. I closed my eyes and urged my brain to stop thinking about how much I was craving her touch. Damn… it was only twelve hours ago! Stupid brain.

            I did enjoy my position though. She was comfy and just the right temperature. I smiled a bit and tried to remember every single detail of this moment. I was enveloped in her love and the fresh smell of her soap and shampoo. The way she felt; soft yet certain. The way she sounded with the occasional little reassuring puff of a snore. The warm protected feeling I had in my tummy was just so right. I wanted to be right here forever. Well, it was almost perfect.  It was just missing one thing; a warm butt.  That would be nice. Sigh.

      I felt myself get emotional as well as I laid there on her chest. We had so little time together and I wanted every moment we had to be together, even if it’s just watching stupid Disney movies. But she was asleep! The restlessness returned and I opened my eyes and looked up at her still-sleeping face. I pulled the covers hard.

         “Wolf! Wake up!”


         The shout startled me as I felt my heart practically leap out of my chest.  “Hey! Don’t do that.  You scared me!”

         “But…” she protested, that bottom lip trembling.

         “Do you need to go back to your own bed?”

         “No… I just…” 


         “I just miss you,” she whined. 

         “I’m right here,” I protested. “I’m tired. It’s the middle of the night!”

         “So? Wolves are supposed to be awake in the middle of the night.  We nocturnal, ‘memer?” 

         “Real, wolves maybe.” I sighed heavily.  “I think I understand.”  I then moved, shooing my little pup off my chest as I sat up and tucked a pillow behind my back. 

            “I think you’re asking for a bit of attention, young lady,” I announced meeting two innocent hazel eyes. 

   “I not a young lady, I’m a wolf pup ,” my girl protested with a mock howl.

         “Un-huh.  You’re about to be a sorry little wolf pup,” I said as I grabbed her arm and pulled her up and over my lap. I was expecting more of a protest, but all I got was a little whine as I pulled down her pajama shorts and exposed her panties. 

         “Wolfie!  That’s embarrassing!” she whined. 

         “Yep,” I replied as I swatted her left cheek.  “And I’m about to make you howl, little wolf.”

         “No,” she protested as she tried to cover.

         Undaunted, I grabbed her wrist and pinned it to her back.  I swatted again, this time one good spank on the center of each cheek.


          I whimpered, squirmed, and turned red as I was finally trapped bottom up over my wolfie’s lap. Her hand was slow but unrelenting in its determination to cover my bottom in warmth. My hips seemed to have a mind of their own as every swat was met with a slight move away from the sting. I tried to choke back the noise that was growing too as she expertly moved lower down my bottom smacking where it stung more and was less protected by my panties. I squeezed the hand holding mine. 

I didn’t have to be quiet. We were alone and no one could hear us in the privacy of our suit. 

“Wolfie!” I pleaded. 

“I’m right here, honey.” She stopped a moment and slowly rubbed each cheek and gave it a squeeze. “Mine,” she murmured, before her hand made its way to the waistband of my panties. She very slowly wiggled them down my hips exposing my bare bottom to her, before she started rubbing again.

 I shivered. Her hand was intoxicating to me.  It was the one thing that would drive right home to my insides. Spank me all day with a paddle sure, but the moment she touched me with her palm my body melted into a pile of mush. Even if it was just a light pat or rub, I couldn’t help but squirm in reaction. It was too personal. Her skin met mine. She was hurting herself to give me what I wanted. Her hand is my kryptonite and she knew it. 

“Wolfie!” I whimpered again. 


I kneaded a cheek and then swatted my pup again.  She was just getting warmed up and despite the late hour, I knew neither of us would be getting any sleep until she’d had her fill. I lifted my hand again, I brought it down hard on her right cheek and then again, echoing on her left. 

I moved my hand across her bottom, taping the undercheek of her left side a few times, each time a little harder.  By the tenth swat, she was starting to protest.  I knew she hated it when I focused on only one cheek, but then again it was a great way to get her attention as well.  Another dozen stingy swats rained down on the left, enough that she squirmed and almost twisted away. 

“Hey now,” I warned as I finally moved my hand to her right cheek.  “You know better than that.  You also know we are far from done.”  I then proceeded to light up her right cheek, focusing only on it until she squealed in protest. 

Pulling back, I kneaded again, giving her a moment to settle and refocus.  A good thirty seconds passed, maybe a full minute before I raised my hand again.

Guardian Island — Coming October 6th.

It’s avaiable for pre-order now, but will be available on October 6th on Amazon here. Here is a snippet from one of the times were Jade get’s herself into some hot water. If you’d like to check out a couple of other scences they can be found here and here!

Now alone with just Sienna and Madeline, Jade felt the butterflies in her tummy swirl.  Madeline must have sensed her discomfort because she put a supportive hand on Jade’s leg.  “Auntie, please don’t be mad.  Jade was brave enough to come back.  She didn’t mean it.”

“Were you there?  Did you see what happened?” Sienna asked.

Madeline shook her head.  “No, but I saw Jade right after.  She was really upset, and she’s right, Adam is a jerk.  You should paddle him good.  He doesn’t get it like the other novas do.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Madeline shrugged.  “People talk.  They don’t always realize what they are saying.”

“I need more than that, Madeline.”

“Adam is a handful.”  Madeline shrugged again.  “I don’t want to get anyone into trouble, but someone should put him in his place.  What Jade did was a good thing.”

“You know I can’t excuse the violence, but I also understand what you mean.  Sometimes you’re just too smart for your own good.” Sienna gave Madeline a reassuring smile.  “I’ll look into this, but I think it’s time for you to go home too.  You’re filthy!”

Madeline wrinkled her nose.  “I was on my way back from the sparring grounds when I got sidetracked.  Jade, do you want me to stay?  I will.”

Jade had resumed studying her hands that were twisting in her lap.  She was only able to give a non-committal shrug to Madeline’s request.  Deep down, she was terrified to be alone with Sienna, but she couldn’t bring herself to admit that fear aloud.  Still, she knew she couldn’t use the girl as a crutch either.  In the end, she found herself shrugging again but looked up at Sienna.  She almost felt shy as she asked.  “Promise all we’ll do is talk?”

“I promise,” Sienna said.

“Okay,” Jade agreed.

“Great, then I’ll let you two talk.  If you need me, Jade. I’ll be at the dorm,” Madeline said reassuringly.  She stood and put her hand on Jade’s shoulder supportively.  “It’s going to be okay,” she further encouraged.

“I know.  Thanks.”

Madeline gave her a smile and another pat before she took her leave.  Now alone with Sienna, however, she found herself having a hard time making eye contact.

 “How about we go upstairs?  I think we’ll be a little more comfortable there,” Sienna decided.  She stood and offered her hand to Jade.  Jade took it without question, almost glad that Sienna was so calm.  It was reassuring, and for that, at least, Jade was thankful.

It didn’t take long before Jade found herself ushered up to the living quarters and over to Sienna’s padded bench.  There Jade couldn’t help curling up next to her as Sienna offered her arms in invite.

“I’m really sorry,” Jade broke the silence.  “I shouldn’t have hit him.  I lost my temper.”

Coming soon — Guardian Island

It’s finally coming! Available now for preorder here, and will be released on Amazon in just a few days — Tuesday, October 6th!!

A high school dropout, Jade was alone with no real family or friends. Just barely making ends meet and working in a second-hand motorbike shop, she thought she couldn’t lose anymore until she lost her world as well.   While riding her bike home, she was cut off, her bike skidding uncontrollably, and then there as blackness.  When she woke, everything was different.

Sienna was the leader of her world, a strange, isolated island that was full or more questions than answers.  Which each full moon, someone new would appear on the island.  Where that person came from and why was a mystery, but they always found their place.  They became a need filled, or a prayer answered.  At least everyone so far had… but then there was Jade.

Jade was different.  Combative and impossible, she Sienna butt heads from the start.  Both stubborn, yet both lost in their own ways, they somehow connect.  Through old-fashioned discipline, love, and sheer force of will, Sienna opens Jade’s eyes to a new reality, while Jade teaches Sienna about just what it takes to be a true leader. Like all things, however, nothing can stay the same forever.   Just as Jade and Sienna start to accept one another, Sienna’s niece, Madeline, discovers a new reality that could change everything.  Will Jade and Sienna love and determination be able to survive these new discoveries, or will their world’s collide, ruining the society that Sienna has worked so hard to create and their love in the process?     

Guardian Island — Teaser #2

Here is another little bit from Guardian Island. It’s getting very close to the edits being done… I’m excited!

Guardian Island — excert #2

Sienna looked up to find Jade lurking in the doorway.  She had the brush in hand but seemed to hesitate to go any further.  She hadn’t yet changed into the common tunics and leggings that the compound wore, so everything about her was dark.  From her midnight-hair to her black jeans and t-shirt, she was oddly out of place.  Still, there was something about her that was almost too familiar.  Catching those blue eyes confirmed it.  Sienna was being drawn to her, almost as if…  no, Sienna broke off the thought.  It wasn’t right.  She couldn’t.  She was the leader, and Jade, her nova.  Plus, she was a woman, and that just complicated things.  

With a frown, Sienna pushed the thoughts to the back of her mind and reached out to Jade, beckoning her closer with her fingers.  Jade hesitated a moment before her face became hardened.  With determination, she practically marched to Sienna and pushed the brush at her.

Sienna rose an eyebrow, but took the brush, setting it on the chair next to her.  “Are you going to fight me, Jade?”

Jade stiffened but only shrugged.

“Tell me what you are thinking.  Are you just trying to appease me?  Do you think yourself deserving?  Perhaps you are just curious?”

“I… I don’t know.  This is stupid.”

Sienna stood and gently touched Jade’s cheek, forcing their eyes to meet. “Is it?”

“Yes,” Jade spat.  “If it makes you feel better about yourself to beat me, then fine.  I can take it.”

“This isn’t about beating, Jade.  It’s not even about pain or punishment.  It’s about submission.  Do you understand that?”

For a moment, Jade’s eyes clouded in a clear sign of confusion.  She didn’t admit it, and Sienna instinctively knew she couldn’t, not yet, but as her face again took on that protective mask of indifference, it was crystal clear to Sienna.  Jade didn’t understand their way.  She would have to be taught, and as her guardian, it would be Sienna’s job to make sure she was instructed correctly.

“Alright.  Tell me what you think is going to happen, Jade.”

Again, confusion flashed across Jade’s face as if she wasn’t expecting to be asked that question.  She took a long moment to answer, and Sienna patiently waited until she admitted, “You’re going to hit my backside with the flat of that brush in some vain attempt to get to me agree that you’re superior to me and that I’m helpless.”

“So, you don’t think you deserve a spanking?”

“You’re the one holding me prisoner.”

“I told you, you were free to leave, yet you are the one who opted to bring me the hairbrush.”

Jade shifted from foot to foot.  “Maybe I’m a little curious. I want to see what your island has to offer before I make up my mind to leave.  You made it clear the only way I can stay is if I submit to you and that hairbrush.”

“Ah,” Sienna nodded. “So, you are willing to submit.”

“No, but I’m willing to try,” Jade admitted.  She shifted again.  “Can we get this over with?”

“Alright,” Sienna agreed.  She leaned back to pick up the hairbrush and then gave Jade a slight nod. “Turn around, bend over, and put your hands on your knees,” she ordered in a soft voice.

Jade only hesitated a moment before returning the nod and assuming the position.

The agreement surprised Sienna.  She was expecting more of a fight.  She stood there, almost frozen for a moment as she not only digested Jade’s willingness but her position.  Suddenly the tight denim pants Jade was wearing was distracting.  Her backside was lush and full, and Sienna couldn’t help but picture what it would look like beneath the clothing.   Her heart rate quickened, and she found her mouth dry. 

She didn’t understand at first, but then, as she felt her underclothes suddenly become damp, she did.  Jade, especially in her willingness to submit, was turning her on.  Her mind flashed to the day before when Jade had kissed her.  The action at the time had alarmed and confused her.  Sienna had thought about it the whole night before.  She thought it was just a fluke, but now looking down at Jade’s shapely and most inviting backside, she couldn’t help but want more.

Sienna looked down at the brush in her hand.  It was about submission.  It was about admitting one was wrong and seeking redemption through the pain and humiliation of a spanking, but suddenly this felt wrong.  Jade needed to know the rules.  She needed to understand them, but she didn’t, not yet.  She hadn’t been given the opportunity.  Sienna had a duty, yet she couldn’t… it had suddenly become too hard.

Guardian Island — Preview

As promised here is a little excert from my soon to be published, Guardian Island. Enjoy!

Sienna raised an eyebrow at her, and then bent to pick up the chair that had been somehow knocked over.  Taking a seat, she motioned to the other chair that was across the small table in front of her.  “My name is Sienna.  I’m not going to hurt you, but I would like to talk with you.”

The nova blinked as if she wasn’t sure what to do.  Her face flashed a rainbow of emotions before finally hardening.  “Fuck you.  Why are you keeping me here?  Who the hell are you anyway?”

Sienna took in a deep breath.  She wasn’t used to being spoken to in such a manner. Even in the worst situations, the newcomers were usually civil.  This one was obviously different.  “I told you,” she repeated slowly and evenly.  “My name is Sienna.  I’m the leader here, and if you will just calm down and have a seat, I’ll try my best to answer your questions.”

“Are you some kinda cop?  I didn’t have anything on me.”

Sienna wrinkled her forehead.  “Please, sit.” She then waited, but eventually, the newcomer crept closer to the offered chair and slid into it.  “There,” Sienna managed a smile.  “Now, you have me at a disadvantage. You know my name, but I don’t know yours.”

“You have got to be shitting me,” the newcomer snapped with a roll her eyes.  “You have my crap.  Surely you know who I am.  Where is my bag?  You have no right to keep it from me.”

“I actually have every right.  This is my island.  We live by my rules.”

“No one owns an island. You’re full of shit.”

Sienna took another deep breath.  “You will stop throwing insults at me and start behaving civilly, or I shall leave.” 

The newcomer narrowed her eyes, and Sienna wondered just how far she was going to push when she finally let out a sigh of her own.  “Fine, I’ll listen, but no promises.  I don’t trust you, and I don’t believe anything you say.”

“Fair enough,” Sienna nodded.  “You didn’t tell me your name.”

“Jade,” the girl snapped.

“Jade,” Sienna smiled. “A pretty name.   It suits you.”

Jade snorted.  “If you say so.”

Sienna let out a small sigh.  “Alright, let’s start at the beginning.  You’re special. You’ve been picked for a very specific purpose.  We might not know what that is right now, but you belong here.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Before waking up, what’s the last thing you remember?”

Jade wrinkled her forehead.  “What does that have to do with anything?”

“Humor me.  What’s the last thing you remember?”

Jade was quiet for a moment, but finally admitted, “My bike.”


“Motorcycle.  I was riding it.   I was on the freeway and got cut off by some asshat in a beat-up old pick-up.  I swerved and felt the bike slide….” Jade stopped as her eyes suddenly became large.  “Crap, am I dead?”

“Do you feel dead?” Sienna asked.  She’d actually heard that question before and wasn’t a hundred percent sure herself.  Many novas had a similar story of being snatched from the other side at a moment of panic or distress.

Jade put her hand on her chest as if she was checking for a heartbeat.  “I don’t think so.  Death isn’t supposed to hurt, and I have a gnarly headache.”

“That’s the aftereffects of the portal.  It’ll fade in a few hours.  If you would have let her, Darla would have given you something for it.”

“That bitch with the cold hands?  When I woke up, she had them up my shirt!”

“Watch the language,” Sienna warned.   “And she’s a doctor.  She was examining you.”

“Bullsh…” Jade started but stopped as Sienna raised a finger in warning.

“I’ve asked you nicely and told you I don’t care for that language.  You will stop using it.”

“You can’t control what I say.”

“No, but I can help you to make better choices.  If you choose to curse again, I will leave. We will not continue this conversation until you apologize and promise to behave.”

Jade narrowed her eyes.  “Screw you.  You can’t treat me like a fucking child.”

“Alright,” Sienna nodded.  “When you are ready to talk again, let the guard at the door know, and they will send for me.”  With that, Sienna got up and quite purposely left the room. 

“Is everything okay?” Derrick asked when Sienna reappeared. ­

“She calmer now?” Brice added.

“I still need to finish my examination,” Darla also added.

Sienna held up a hand, silencing them all.  “She needs some time.  Brice, can you and Derrick set up a schedule?  I need two people out here at all times until she can calm down.  I told her when she was ready to behave, she can ask for me.  Please keep me appraised of how she’s doing.  Also, and this is important, I don’t want anyone talking to her.   No communication, understand?”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?  She’s a newcomer,” Darla argued.

“She’s an insolate brat that needs a good spanking, but first she needs to learn some respect, and I won’t have any of you argue with me about it.   Do I make myself clear?”

Darla bit her lip but nodded.  As Sienna eyed Derrick and Brice, she was pleased to get twin nods from them as well.  The last thing she wanted to do was discipline her greeter team.  They were just trying to do their jobs, and it wasn’t really their fault the newcomer was so hard to get along with.  

“Good,” Sienna said.  “Darla, you might want to go check on Charlie.  That eye is going to be pretty tender for a few days.  Make sure no permanent damage was done.”

“I’ll do that, and Sienna, I’m sorry.  I was just trying…”

“To have too big of a heart,” Sienna cut her off. “It’s okay.  I’m not upset, with any of you,” she added, looking up at her team.  “This one just needs to be handled differently.” 

“Sienna, does that mean you’re going to take on her guardianship yourself?”  Derrick suddenly asked.  The question caught Sienna off guard.  She’d already mentally set up the nova with Michael, the compound’s butcher.

 It was a bit unusual, as he’d only been on the island himself for seven years. He had been officially released from his own guardianship two years ago, but he’d yet to be given the rank of full guardian.  One usually needed to wait at least a decade for that.  Newly released novas had to be on their own, and a positive member of the community, for long enough to be able to take on the responsibility. Michael was a sweet though, and he’d proven himself worthy.  She was hoping they’d even make a match.  He deserved someone to care for and possibly even love.

Sienna, on the other hand, hadn’t been an official guardian since Sarah had come.  After Madeline was born, she’d focused mainly on her.   As leader, of course, she looked over the entire compound, but on a personal level, Madeline had been her primary responsibility.  Madeline, though, had recently moved out.  Her room was vacant, and she seemed happy in the dorms with the other unattached girls.

“Possibly,” she finally answered.  “We’ll see if she comes around.  In the meantime, you have my orders.”

Ryan’s Rules — Part 6

I know it’s been a bit, but Logan and I were finally able to finish this little gem!

You can find parts one, two, three, four,  and five here!

Also, keep an eye on this site.  I’m going to be doing some more posting soon, including some special bits from a brand new book.  Guardian Island is a new novel that will be on Amazon soon.


Ryan’s Rules — Part 6

Emily whimpered as Ryan again raised her palm, starting the spanking anew.  This time the swats came faster and in sets — three at a time on each cheek.  Emily let out a small squeak of protest, but dug in and concentrated on staying in position.  She certainly wasn’t going to make this any worse then it had to be. 

It seemed Ryan was trying to make her entire bottom molten hot before she even got the belt. The spanks were relentless, still continuing in the sets of three as she moved about every inch of skin available including her thighs. Emily couldn’t help moving, helplessly trying to find purchase on anything that might give her relief.  Ryan, however, continued even as Emily began to cry out with every spank Ryan laid onto her already tender backside. Finally, after a particularly hard series of back and forth between sit spots,  Ryan stopped and gently rubbed Emily’s hot backside. Emily whimpered, knowing she would have a reminder every time she sat the next few days.. 

“Okay, little girl. All done with that. Catch your breath.” 

Emily tried to slowly relax her body and lay limply across Ryan’s lap. She caught her breath and murmured, “I’m sorry for breaking the rules. I’m never going to do it again.” 

Ryans simply squeezed each of Emily’s sore bottom cheeks in turn. “I’m sure you think that, but let’s make sure, okay? You ready to finish this?” 

Emily whimpered under Ryan’s hand but nodded her head.  “Yes, ma’am. Ready as I’ll ever be.” 

“Good.” Ryan guided Emily up to stand in front of her before standing as well.  “I love you, baby. I only want what’s best for you,” she further reassured Emily with a kiss to Emily’s forehead. She then put a pillow on the edge of the bed before directing, “Over the bed, honey.” 

With a sigh, Emily slowly moved toward the bed while Ryan unbuckled the belt from around her waist.  Emily didn’t like this scenario, one bit, but it wasn’t like Ryan was giving her choice.  Slowly, she willed herself to bend over, leaving her bottom in prime and was too vulnerable position. She waited, closed her eyes, and shivered as she heard the leather belt, being pulled through the loops as Ryan quite purposely removed it. 

         “Okay baby. It’s really important to stay in position. I don’t want to get your hands,” Ryan explained as she folded Emily’s nightshirt up and out of the way again before doubling the belt and lining it up across her two pink cheeks. 

Ryan tapped the belt in warning before pulling it back and laying a medium swat across the full of Emily’s bottom. She then didn’t give much pause before pulling back to lay another medium swat in almost the same place. 

Emily gasped as her toes danced on the carpet, but she managed to stay mostly in position, but Ryan didn’t give her any quarter as she ignored her protests and continued with the swats. She laid them down slowly, but steady, in a meticulous pattern all up and down Emily’s bottom.   A dozen swats followed, falling on her already throbbing butt without pause.  Not only turning the pink of her bottom much closer to bright red but making Emily regret every rule she’d carelessly broken.

         Now in agony, Emily held tightly to the covers under her. Ryan’s use if the belt was relentless. Her right cheek especially felt like it’d be bruised for a week. Even while whimpering, however, she still wasn’t ready for it to stop. Not yet. She was on the verge of actual tears and she craved that. “Please,” she whimpered, knowing that Ryan would understand.

“I know, baby,” came the replay and a gentle rub to the closest throbbing cheek. There was then a pause and the buckle of the belt clinked as Ryan changed sides. 

Emily resisted reaching back to touch her hot skin. There was a warning tap again and then a quiet whoosh a fraction of a second before the belt fell again across the meaty part of her bottom. Emily gasped and grabbed the blanket in her fists tighter. The swats seemed harder, but maybe she was just because her already abused bottom was so tender. 

Still, it didn’t deter Ryan from building up a steady rhythm again. Splat. Splat. Splat. “I’m going to be keeping a much closer eye on you,” Ryan lectured between swats. “You will be eating right and taking care of yourself or you will be right back here getting a spanking.” 

Emily whimpered as another dozen stokes were applied before Ryan stopped the spanking, laying the belt down and stepping beside her to rub her tender bottom. “We are almost done. You have taken your spanking like a good girl.” 

Emily allowed herself to relax into the touch a moment. Although in the back of her mind she knew the worst was yet to come. “I’m so sorry I’m making you punish me this hard, Ryan. I’ll try not to be naughty again.” 

Ryan continued rubbing for several long moments, most likely to make sure Emily’s butt wasn’t asleep for the next part. Emily couldn’t lie though. It’d been a while since she had the chance to truly enjoy Ryan’s touch and felt a tingle between her legs stir.

         “Okay sweetheart. Five more, one for each rule. They will be hard.”

 Emily whimpered but nodded. Ryan’s hand left her bottom before the belt was picked up for a final time.

         Emily forced her bottom to relax and buried her face deep into the covers of their bed. The belt tapped her bottom, but only stayed a moment before it came down much harder and lower than any other swat before. POP! The belt burned across her sit spots. Emily felt tears burn her eyes. But another swat stung across her sit spots again. POP! Her body jerked under the pain before tears began leaking from her eyes. The next two hard swats landed on her sit spots building impossibly more ache as tears fell faster. The final was the hardest of them all, it snapped quickly low across her thighs. Emily squealed loudly as the feeling settled into her legs, but she let herself cry into the covers. 

A moment passed before she felt Ryan’s hand on her back, and then the bed sink slightly as Ryan sat down next to her.  Emily found herself shifting, putting her head in Ryan’s lap.  “I’m sorry, so sorry,” she sniffled as Ryan pet her hair. 

“It’s over now,” Ryan reassured her.  “You’re forgiven.”

The words, like magic, allowed Emily’s tears to start anew, but Ryan said nothing as she continued to stroke and pet Emily’s hair.  

Several long minutes passed before Emily sniffled and turned her head so she could meet Ryan’s eyes.  “I’m not going to be able to sit down for a week, you know that right?”

Ryan chuckled.  “A day, maybe two.” She winked and tapped Emily who moved her head and to let Ryan shift positions. Both now laying down,  Emily then scooted up a bit so that she could lay her head on Ryan’s shoulder. 

“That’s more comfortable,” Emily said sighing in contentment.  “Why am I tired?”

“I think we’re both tired.  Maybe a nap and then a good dinner, or lunch… depending on how long we sleep.”

“Or midnight snack?” 

Ryan smiled and kissed Emily’s head.  “Goodnight, sweetheart.”

“Night,” Emily returned with a smile and curled in a bit tighter.  “Love you.” 

“Love you more.”


Emily waited for a moment for Ryan to say something more, but when she didn’t she looked up only to realize that Ryan had fallen fast asleep.  With a small smile, she pulled a blanket over both of them, kissed Ryan’s cheek, and settled back down onto her chest.  She smiled again, and reaching down to give her still-warm bottom a rub, she closed her eyes and let herself relax.  Within moments she had joined Ryan in much needed and well-earned slumber.  

Ryan’s Rules — Part 5

I know it’s been a while, but here it is!   You can find parts 1, 2, 3,  and 4 here.

Ryan’s Rules — Part 5

Emily suddenly froze as she heard movement behind her.  Ryan had entered the room.  She could sense her, but she’d yet to say anything. Then it became quiet again.  Painfully quiet. Emily shifted and strained her ears but there was not a sound for several long minutes. 

Time seemed to pass at a snail’s pace, leaving Emily in a whirlwind of nerves and regret, but when she finally heard Ryan speak, she could only shiver at her tone. 

“Come here, Emily.” 

Her voice was low, dangerous even, and it made Emily wish she could hide in the corner forever.   Slowly, Emily gathered her courage and turned to face her partner. Ryan’s face was stern, yet almost blank of emotion. Emily found herself hesitating before she was able to convince her feet to move. She managed to trudge over to stand in front of Ryan who was seated in the middle of their couch.  It was the same couch where she was sleeping only hours earlier. 

Emily then looked down, studying Ryan’s lap as Ryan held her hands and looked up at her.

“Why don’t you tell me why we are here?” Ryan asked in a firm but caring tone. 

“I broke the rules,” Emily answered.  

“What rules did you break, Em?” Ryan continued to probe. 

Emily’s eyes traveled up Ryan’s only partially covered legs, up to her cleavage, past slender shoulders, and finally to her face.

“All of ‘em,” she mumbled feeling her face warm. 

Ryan squeezed her hands, almost reassuringly. “I want you to explain them to me, honey. All of them.”

Emily gulped.  She knew she was in trouble, but suddenly face to face with Ryan and forced to reply Ryan’s rules aloud, she realized just how deep she’d gone.  After all, it wasn’t that out of the ordinary for her to break a rule here or there. Her laundry often ‘missed’ the hamper, or she’d press something a little too far, but to think that she’d actually broken all five rules at once was a little unfathomable. 

“Um,” Emily stuttered, then let out a long sigh.  “I need to take care of myself, clean up after myself, be honest, remember to eat, and um, stay safe.”   

“Very good,” Ryan nodded.  “Now tell me how you broke each one of those rules?”

“Ryan,” Emily started to whine but got cut off by a raised eyebrow.  “Okay, fine. I um, didn’t eat dinner.”

“Yes, the ice cream.”

“Yeah, and I fell asleep on the sofa and didn’t pick up my clothes in the living room.”

“Very good, and?”

“And, I um… I didn’t do the rounds before I fell asleep to make sure everything was locked up for the night.”

“I see,” Ryan frowned.  “So by my count that’s four? What are we missing?”

“Well…I didn’t go grocery shopping like I promised I would,” Emily added with a small blush.  “I know that’s not technically a lie, but I did break my word, as I knew it was my turn and I didn’t follow through… and…”

Ryan’s frown deepened with her confession, making Emily shift back and forth from foot to foot. “And?”

“And, I haven’t really been honest with you lately.  I haven’t gone shopping because I just haven’t been eating, well a lot.  It’s been busy at work, and well, the vending machine isn’t the best place to get lunch.”

“I see,” Ryan nodded.  “I figured that you probably forgot to lock up  since you fell asleep with the TV still on…”

Emily’s cheeks flushed as she interrupted. “I didn’t leave anything open on purpose, and technically, you were the last one to leave the house today, so if anything wasn’t locked it wasn’t really my fault.”

Ryan gave her a look and Emily cringed a moment before Ryan popped her thigh. “You know that’s not an excuse, young lady, but I’m not really concerned with that so much. I’m much more concerned with you skipping meals, Em. You know that’s a big one.  How many days have you had lunch from the vending machine, or just skipped a meal altogether?”

“A few,” Emily frowned, wishing that she could rub her thigh.  Ryan was still holding her hands and her thigh was stinging from the slap, but she knew that was nothing compared to how much her backside would soon be stinging when Ryan really got to work. “I’m sorry,” she sniffled.

“I know you are, Em, but you know that’s also not good enough.  You have a spanking coming, and a big one at that. Come on now, let’s get this moving.”

Emily bit her lip as Ryan finally let go of her hands and then helped her step out of the shorts she’s slipped on before breakfast.  She hadn’t bothered with panties and now as she shivered in the short-cropped pajama shirt she wondered if she hadn’t made a mistake.  Maybe Ryan would have let her leave them on, at least for a little while.  

With a sigh and a wrinkle of her nose at the thought, she was too soon distracted as Ryan tipped her over her lap.  Emily found herself looking at the carpet and using her fingertips to balance herself as Ryan, tapped her other end with her palm.

“You know I love you, Em.  I’m sorry I have to do this,” Ryan paused before giving her a solid swat on her right cheek, “but you know you need me to remind you that the rules aren’t just there for my pleasure.”  Ryan paused again, giving her a stingy and quick series of a half-dozen spanks. “It’s to keep you both healthy and safe.”

“I know,” Emily sniffled as Ryan’s lecture ended. Another swat landed, this time on her left cheek and then was echoed on her right.  Spank after spank rang down in a slow and steady, bouncing from sensitive cheek to sensitive cheek.  

“Ouch!” Emily cried out at Ryan managed to swat her more tender sit-spots.  She couldn’t help wiggling and whining as the heat started to spread. Ryan was only getting started and Emily was already wishing it was over.  “Please, Ryan, I’m sorry. I am!”

“Un-huh,” Ryan grunted before giving her a face and evil dozen pops.  She then paused and rubbed for a moment before saying, “I should spank you every night for a week with all that naughtiness that you just confessed.  It’s been a long time since I really lit you up, little girl, but tonight a handful of swats isn’t going to cover it.”

Her warning over, Ryan then resumed the spanking, which only seemed to get harder and hotter by the moment.  Emily was biting her lip, trying to keep the protest at a minimum, but she was also quickly losing her resolve.  “Oh! Owie!” she whined as Ryan’s hand only continued its dance. 

In her head, Emily tried to distract herself.  She tried to count the swats but didn’t get past ten before she practically wiggled off Ryan’s lap.  Ryan had to again pause to pull her back into position. She took a moment to rub her hand over Emily’s bare bottom, which now felt hot and tingly as Ryan’s stong palm caressed it.  

“I think it’s been too long, if you think you can just wiggle off like that, Em.  Do it again and there will be consequences, understand?”

Emily gulped.  “Yes ma’am,” she replied, thinking back to some of her earliest punishments.  The only time Ryan had ever used a belt was to remind her to stay in position, and that lesson had only needed to be repeated twice.  She wasn’t about to let tonight be a third time.  

“Good,” Ryan nodded before giving her bottom a pat.  “I think we’re almost warm enough, but not quite yet.”

Emily whimpered as Ryan again raised her palm, starting the spanking anew.  This time the swats came faster and in sets — three at a time on each cheek.  Emily let out a small squeak of protest, but dug in and concentrated on staying in position.  She certainly wasn’t going to make this any worse then it had to be.

Ryan’s Rules — Part 4

Sorry for the long interruption in this story — Life, 30-kindergarteners, the start of school…. etc ;).   If you missed Parts 1 – 3 you can find them here….  Part 1Part 2Part 3.

Ryan’s Rules — Part 4

For a long moment, they were in sync. Back and forth they rocked, slowly increasing the pressure and the need of both their lower loins. Emily found herself panting, but that also only increased as Ryan again shifted, letting her hand travel down toward Emily’s center.  Slowly, her lithe fingers started moving up and down, massaging Emily’s clit and lower lips. Emily’s arms wrapped around Ryan even tighter as they breathlessly began to once again. 

Ryan speed up the pace, making Emily moan under her and clutch tightly onto Ryan’s back. She spread, giving Ryan deeper access and moaned and shivered as her need steadily grew.  She was warm now, small beads of sweat forming on her brow in concentration.

“Am I still in trouble?” Emily asked between rapid breaths. Ryan rolled her eyes and nodded as she picked up the pace with her finger.  They were flying now, the beats faster than a hummingbird’s wing.   

“God, you are in so much trouble. I’m going to turn your ass red,” Ryan promised. 

Emily bucked, Ryan’s words pushing her even closer.  Her breaths were shallow and warm, her heart pounding, echoing in her ears.  The pressure intense, building forever closer to an explosion. Just imagining Ryan spanking her, actually turning her ass red, the sting, the warmth, the up and down of the cycle of pain.  It was too much.

Emily felt herself catch and then peak, like the million butterflies in her tummy all took off at once.    

With a small smile, Ryan slowly withdrew. She moved up and took Emily’s lips in a deep kiss.  “Good morning, my love.”

“Morning,” Emily echoed with a smile. 

“Still bored?”


Ryan chuckled and then covered her mouth with a yawn.  She glanced at the clock. “Ugh, I got about 3 hours.”

“I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have woken you.”

“It’s okay.  We can take a nap later.”

“Hmmm,” Emily replied as she let her hand run down the side of Ryan’s thigh. “I can try to keep you awake now.”

“You could,” Ryan said before taking Emily’s hand off her thigh and bringing it to her lips for a kiss.  “But now that I’m up, I’m hungry.”

“Hungry?” Emily’s eyes went wide before she smirked.  “Me too.”

“I meant for actual food, brat,” Ryan said as she snaked her hand around and popped Emily’s backside.

“Hey!” Emily yipped making Ryan laugh. 

Ryan pecked Emily’s pouty lips again before sliding from the bed. “Okay, up and at ‘em. Let’s go cook.” 

With a groan, Emily also slid from the bed, following Ryan out her side, and taking the opportunity to trail a hand lightly across Ryan’s bare abdomen. The touch made Ryan shudder and Emily grinned as she hand started to slide south. “Or we could order in,” she suggested leaning forward to kiss the top curve of Ryan’s bare chest.

Ryan moaned and wrapped her arms around Emily. She pushed her hips into Emily’s hand, moving them below her waist.  “Best idea I’ve heard in a long time.” 

Emily smiled before turning her attention to Ryan’s chest.  She pulled a firm nipple into her mouth to suck. “I thought so,” she mumbled around puckered skin. 


“That was really good,” Ryan observed as she placed the stack of plates into the sink.  She turned back around and met Emily’s eyes. Holding her eyes for a moment, Emily shifted and then blushed, averting her gaze.  Ryan raised a knowing eyebrow and remarked, “It’s good to know you had an actual meal, unlike last night. You know with protein, vitamins, carbs and all that.” Ryan then watched Emily shift.  After seeing ice cream container on the coffee table, she had her suspicion and Emily had just confirmed it. 

“You noticed that, huh?” Emily asked.  Her eyes were glued to the marble countertop as her finger nervously traced a darker vein in the pattern.  

“The empty ice cream container, and no trace of any other dishes?  That’s something I always notice, Em.” Ryan leaned into the island separating her from the short brunette.

“You do have that bad habit,” Emily mumbled not looking up from where she was still tracing the lines of the marble.

“I don’t know that I would call it a bad habit to notice what the love of my life gets up to while I’m not around,” Ryan scolded.  She paused a moment before adding, “You know what this means right?” 

Ryan could hear Emily whine before she nodding only once. 

“Use your voice, Emily Nichole.” Ryan sharply warned. 

Emily’s shoulders straightened before she muttered, “Yes, ma’am. Should I go wait for you?”  

“I think that’d be a wise choice.” Emily nodded before slipping from the chair and disappearing into the doorway that led into their living room. Ryan didn’t say anything more but just watched her go. As much as she would rather spend the day in bed, things wouldn’t be right between her and Emily if she didn’t sort it out. Ryan only had five rules, and the best she could figure Emily had most likely broken at least four of the five if not all five together.  They were in for a serious chat, one that neither of them were looking forward too. 

With a sigh, Ryan pushed off the counter and walked down the hall towards the master bedroom, avoiding the living room which her partner was supposed to be waiting in. She made her way directly to her closet and opened the top drawer which held all of the couple’s toys — most of which were used for spanking. Studying the selection, Ryan pulled out the long bath brush and closed the drawer. 

The brush was heavy in her hand.  It was made of a solid light-oak and at 18-inches long, had a 1-inch flat oval backing.  She knew it was far from Emily’s favorite in their collection, which meant it would be perfect for her task ahead.  Knowing that Emily was in for a true punishment, Ryan closed her eyes for a moment to center herself. She took a deep breath before making the short trek back down the hallway. 


Emilly shivered in the corner. She had yet to hear Ryan enter the room and the longer she stood in the corner the more she wanted her top to hurry up.  Her solitude in the corner only compounded the guilt she was already feeling as her mind replayed the last few days. 

She found herself shifting as a cool breeze blew through, causing goose-bumps to appear on her bare back and legs.  The cold only made the wait worse, for she knew it was all in her head. There was no breeze, it wasn’t even cold in the house.  It was only her nerves and imagination that was making her feel guilty. It was worse too, for she didn’t have to wonder why she had behaved like she had the last few days. She knew. She knew when she had broken their first rule and not picked up groceries.  It had been her turn, and she should have done it three days ago. She had hoped Ryan would notice and say something in a passing moment, but her partner had been too distracted. 

In a way, they both had been. Both women had been busy and truth be told, she simply missed Ryan. She now felt guilty and sad for the way she acted out, but sometimes her bratty side took over and acted on all the feelings she couldn’t control. And she had to admit, it had worked. Ryan was soon going to be giving her all the attention she would want. 

Emily suddenly froze as she heard movement behind her.  Ryan had entered the room. She could sense her, but she’d yet to say anything. Then it became quiet again.  Painfully quiet. Emily shifted and strained her ears but there was not a sound for several long minutes. 

Time seemed to pass at a snail’s pace, leaving Emily in a whirlwind of nerves and regret, but when she finally heard Ryan speak, she could only shiver at her tone. 

“Come here, Emily.” 

Her voice was low, dangerous even, and it made Emily wish she could hide in the corner forever.   Yet, slowly, Emily gathered her courage and turned to face her partner. Ryan’s face was stern, yet almost blank of emotion. Emily found herself hesitating before she was able to convince her feet to move. She managed to trudge over to stand in front of Ryan who was seated in the middle of their couch.  It was the same couch where she was sleeping only hours earlier. 

Emily then looked down, studying Ryan’s lap as Ryan held her hands and looked up at her.

“Why don’t you tell me why we are here?” Ryan asked in a firm but caring tone. 

“I broke the rules,” Emily answered.  

“What rules did you break, Em?” Ryan continued to probe. 

Emily’s eyes traveled up Ryan’s only partially covered legs, up to her cleavage, past slender shoulders, and finally to her face.

“All of ‘em,” she mumbled feeling her face warm. 

Ryan squeezed her hands, almost reassuringly. “I want you to explain them to me, honey. All of them.”