The General’s Guardian Grabs 2 top #100 spots!

I’m very excited to announce that The General’s Guardian has grabbed 2 top #100 spots.


Here is another little teaser.  Enjoy!

“What’s gotten into you?” Silver asked noticing that Keridwen was sitting and staring at her.  She’d been very quiet throughout the afternoon, but now that they’d camped for the night, she was expecting Keridwen to relax and settle in. “You feeling alright?”


“Keridwen, I asked if you were feeling alright.  You’re too quiet, honey.  Are you sleepy?”

Keridwen shrugged.  “Not really.  I’ve just been thinking.”

“Oh? About what?”

“You,” Keridwen admitted with a small blush.  “I’m just sitting here and watching the sunlight play off your hair.”

“Keridwen, we talked about this,” Silver scolded.

“I’m not doing anything, Silver.  I can’t help the way I feel.  You’re beautiful; especially your hair.”

Silver rolled her eyes.  “It’s just dirty blonde, flat, and usually unruly.”

“My people would never refer to it as dirty.”

“Well, that’s what my people call it.”

Keridwen shook her head.  “I would never call it such.  It is too beautiful to be referred to as dirty.”

“I’m curious then, what would you call it?”

“Your hair?  Hmmm, I told you hair is important to us.  It’s is never merely brown, or blonde,” Keridwen looked at Silver for a long moment, examining her before she replied.  “Early morning sunrise, golden, but still mixed with darkness.”

“You told me your sister was the poet, but I think you’re selling yourself short,” Silver teased.

“What that a short joke?” Keridwen asked before sticking her tongue out.

“Brat.  Come here.”

Keridwen smirked but wandered around to Silver’s side of the fire. Sitting down next to her, she let Silver pull her into a side hug.  “I hate being short.”

“I don’t mind it,” Silver admitted, “Although you’re a lot of fun when you’re taller,” she teased with a little tickle.  They grew quiet a moment as Silver looked up at the sky.  “Your sky is so different here.”

“Do you miss your stars?” Keridwen asked.

“A little.  I guess I never paid much attention to them, but it feels odd.  This world, it’s very different, but it’s the same enough that it reminds me of Earth.  The sky is the one thing that reminds me that I’m not there anymore.”


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